Crime-Free Utah

If you would rate the possibility of a certain community to be free from criminals, how would you rate it? It is almost close to impossible to have a community that is a hundred percent crime-free. However, there are ways on how the people from the higher ups can prevent or avoid all those unlawful acts.

surveillance cameraSeveral organizations within USA  have teamed up to create a force that aims to eliminate criminals and stop the crime rate within cities, particularly Salt Lake City, from increasing each day. The team has implemented some rules such as curfew for the minors, precautionary messages that are distributed via text message brigades and informational posters glued on commercial places and buildings to reach more citizens. Also, the authority made sure that all corners of the Utah, even the most untrodden places, are monitored through surveillance cameras that are operating 24 hours. They hired monitoring officers that will be tasked to look after the cameras and ensure that all suspicious acts caught on each camera are recorded and keenly watched over. These individuals are assigned to report any suspected act of crime all-day. This method is effective because criminals are being caught and sent to jail by the cops even before they escape the crime scene. A large percentage of these criminal acts are robbery and attempted rapes.

Aside from all these safety keeping methods that the authority is implementing, they also launched a weekly program that educates interested individuals about the danger of committing crimes and other unlawful acts. That way, the citizens gain knowledge and have the initiative not to get involved in any crime.