Salt Lake City, UT in Retrospect

Over the past few years, Salt Lake City has been making waves when it comes to crime prevention. Having been involved in a drastically increasing crime rate in the United States, the city has made its personal move to stop the growing number of committed crimes within the city. The alarming graphical illustrations have tapped the back of the authorities to actually put their plans into action.

As one of the many plans and approaches, the authorities have disseminated informational posters with emergency hotline numbers written on them meant for incidents where the citizens are confronted by criminals like theft and attempted killing that they may need quick response and assistance. There is also safety precautions sent via text message to make sure that the residents of Salt Lake City are informed at all times.


Each day, crimes like rape, murder, robbery, and assault that took place in SLC are being put to record; it seems like these criminals are always present any time of the day. However, not all these law breakers are being caught by the cops and sent behind bars; that is why the authorities are making sure that the citizens are well-informed and aware of what is happening around the city through SMS brigades and precautionary posters pasted on commercial buildings and landmarks throughout the city.

Comparing the crime rate in Salt Lake City with other communities like Denver Colorado, the number of crimes committed in SLC is dramatically higher than of Denver, when we talk about violent crimes and property crimes.  The authority has high hopes that the crime rate in SLC will decrease by the end of the present year.