Who They Work With

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Utah Crime Prevention works in maintaining peace and order throughout the state with Salt Lake City as the epicenter. UCP vows to bring possibly a hundred percent of security within SLC at all times. The authority keeps an eye on the crime rate in Salt Lake as it rapidly increases day by day. All efforts and strategies have been studied and implemented by UCP to maintain the safety and security of the people.

Over the years, Utah Crime Prevention has built a strong bond with their affiliates who vow to the same goal – to maintain peace and order within the city. Some of which are headquartered just within Utah which made it easy for the team to communicate when necessary. Included in the list of UCP’s affiliates and associates are the following:

Utah Gang Investigators Association. The association is present throughout North America with satellite headquarters in local states. Their mission is to exchange information, activism, citizen awareness and integrated anti-gang awareness. All these are done through operational tactics and professional training and education.

Utah Forensic Divers Association. The team is not profit-generating. They work hand in hand with crime laboratories and forensic scientists.

Utah D.A.R.E. Officers Association. This is a nationwide program that aims to empower students to give respect to others and choose to live a life that is free from violence, drug abuse, and other unlawful acts by training them how to handle situations right when they are confronted by tough scenarios that require decision-making.